u p d a t e s

'cause i remember when i found you, much younger than you are now. and once we started having friends round, you created a television of your mouth. it's just you and I tonight...why don't you figure my heart out?

if i were to compare to a movie character, that would be sand saref (eva mendes) from the movie the spirit. when sand found out that her father was killed by a cop (who is actually the spirit’s uncle), she hated them, promised she’ll go far away, to be rich and kill them all. there’s this someone who destroyed my dignity and i’ll never forget her for what she’s done to me. that’s why as for now, im doing all my best to get high grades in my artworks. for people to like me for my intelligence and charisma. and when i graduate college with a degree and get a good job, i’ll earn money to be rich. besides, this girl thinks that life is all about serious partying and drinking. a 3rd yr high school who smokes, lurking around who is giving more importance of pathethic things instead of prioritizing her studies. girl, be ashmamed to your self. your parents are working so hard for a better living. her past tense of put is PUTTED. her spelling of loner is LOANER. she said she bought 20 PIECE of luces (which is supposed to be 20 pieces). wilding out as if she’s got all the money in the world and she’s got a job. oh well, it’s her choice, then it’s her destiny. she’s destroying her life at an early age…i hope you die early too. we’re just getting started, i’ll scrub off your face in the ground one day and teach you lessons.

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